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Some people like to winter sow. I admit I have not tried that method, but I have been tempted. Traditionally, I sow indoors and about this time of year I am considering sowing the following in my Zone 5 garden:

10––12 weeks before my frost date:

Grass (Blue Grama)
Sea Holly

Mark your Calendar!

Hear ye! Hear ye! The last Saturday in January – it is National Seed Swap DayI know, late notice! It usually escapes me as I trade all year around, but the powers that be, well they have made this a NATIONAL event!

Ask your fellow gardeners if they have excess seed! Maybe they have something you will need!

Seed Swapping with Kare!

Indoor Seed Sowing The Zone 5 Flowers & Ornamentals

For those of you following me along in my garden I will be blogging the following flowers and ornamentals, which are ones that would typically be sown indoors in Zone 5 at the 8-10 week out period and they are:

Bee Balm

Black-Eyed Susan.

Cape Daisy


Cottage Pinks


Dusty Miller


Blackberry Lily


Ornamental Peppers







Sweet William.



I hope to be blogging 3-5 of these a day for the next few days. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to get notifications by email when the pages for them are posted! You can also leave comments and questions on the blog! Thanks for joining me on my journey. I hope what I post will help you in your gardening ventures as well.

Mind you we are just at the tip of our sowing iceburg!

Seed Swapping Suggestions:

Trading fair is the name of the game. I have seed, you have seed and we make an agreement to trade. It is great when you can do it in person, but doing it by mail is another story.

We both concur costs in postage and postage has gone up again. We both want undamaged seed in the handling and we both want a fair amount of seed in the deal! Please when trading use bubble wrap envelopes! It makes the seed “chunky” and so it will not go through a letter cancelling machine!

And in fairness, send a photo of your seed to the one you are trading with before shipping and may I suggest taking a pic of the parcel before mailing and email those before you trade. Yes, it is is a little effort, but to be honest, it helps keep the trade balanced.

Some traders may not have seed so for the packet of seed they will be getting, send postage.

Bubble wrap envelopes can be re-used and you can take the envelopes and fold them so that your address is on one side and your recipients address is on the inside of the fold and then tape the folded envelope so the recipient can enter the envelope with out destroying it or the seed that is inside!

I have posted on my blog seed envelopes you can print and use for individual seed packets in the future! They are plain and easy to use.

I hope this helps!


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